our partners


Computar is a security and industry camera and optics manufacturer.


Since 1988, DAIWON OPTICAL Co. Ltd. is a Korean manufacturer of optics for automotive, security and industrial application.


FUJIFILM (FUJINON) is a manufacturer of machine vision and surveillance optics.


Since 2001, HikVision is a chinese surveillance camera, DVR and NVR manufacturer. In 2014, new product line up for machine vision, UAV and robot were launched. It became HikRobotics in 2016.

Industrial Imaging

Since 2014, Industrial Imaging Ltd is a European distributor with HQ in UK. Industrial Imaging is specialized in vision electronics components.


Lumenera Corporation, a division of Roper Technologies, Inc. is developer and manufacturer of digital cameras and custom and OEM imaging solutions for industrial, scientific, surveillance and astro applications.

MBJ Imaging

MBJ Imaging is a leading company developping and manufacturing LED lightings for industrial machine vision.


Since 1919, Pentax is a japanese surveillance and machine vision manufacturer. In 2011, it became Ricoh Imaging.

scorpion vision

Since 2004, Scorpion Vision Ltd (Tordivel AS group) provides machine vision systems, components and machine vision expertise.


Since 1996, WonWoo Engineering Co. Ltd. is a Corean CCTV products manufacturer. He offers security camera systems and OEM products.