M12 miniature lens

Miniature Optical M12 are dedicated to applications requiring an optimization of the weight of the system, its size / footprint or its cost, or even three at a time. Unlike C, CS or F, the "back focal lenght" is not standard, i.e. the distance between the sensitive surface of the sensor and the body of the optics is not standardized: Check that the mount on the camera makes it possible to screw the optics until the sharpness of the image is obtained.

For large projects, it is possible to customize the optics in order to perfectly meet the needs: for example an infrared-cut filter except a bandwidth at 850nm can be inserted into the optics in order to obtain a Night & Day optical system Functional without using a filter exchanger.


Below is an overview of the range of our partner Daiwon, almost every reference also exists in version with IR filter. The optics marked "IR" are IR corrected, ie the focal point is identical in the visible and near infrared so that the image is always sharp.

Daiwon provides standard board lenses as well as fisheye, pinhole or automotive lenses.