machine vision lighting

Machine Vision challenges are often solved by a judicious choice of lighting.
The color, the angle of incidence, the coaxiality or the diffuse or direct aspect of the lighting make it possible to highlight the critical characteristics on the part to be checked. For example, thanks to the play of shadows created by low angle lighting, scratches can be detected, or engravings can be checked, the addition of a polarizing filter will eliminate the reflections of the lighting on the material, A backlight will delimit the shape of the pieces, such as a profile projector ...
Lighting is an essential component of the machine vision system.

Below you will find information about our main machine vision lights, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific need. All these models are available in white and red, as an option, most of them can also be supplied in green, blue or infrared. M8 connectors are available as well as many mounting accessories. We offer power supplies and pulse controllers as well as LED lighting incorporating the pulse controller.

led lighting series

diffuse backlight

square, rectangular

diffuse flat dome

square, rectangular

standard dome

dome from 50 to 200mm

bar light

 bar from 100 to 600mm

ring light

ring from 70 to 120mm

dark field

75 to 100mm

cost efficient lighting

ring, bar, backlight, dome

flat dome with flash controller

square, rectangular

bar with flash controller

130 to 600mm

spot with flash controller

different colors

led controller

flash control, power supply


holders, brakets, cables

diffuse backlight, dbl-series

Equipped with one 24V input for continuous light and another direct LED input for flash light. Common LED colors are white and red and optional blue and IR.
Due to the very homogenuous light emission, this lighting - placed behind the object of inspection - is ideal for the inspection and measurement of contours. Beside the use as back and transmission lighting it can be used also as incident light for bright field applications.

diffuse flat dome, dtl-series

The flat dome lightings are ideal for the inspection of objects with a low reflective surfaces in bright field.
Equipped with one 24V input for continuous light and another direct LED input for flash light. The common LED colors white and red and optional blue and IR, makes this lighing series very flexible. The optional camera brackets and mounting kits allows applications with very compact diffuse emitting LED flat dome light sensors.

standard dome, sdl-series

The object is illuminated indirectly by the LED light reflection on the inner dome resulting in an almost shadowfree illumination of the object. Thus it is ideal to inspect highly reflective surfaces such as printed foils or polished metallic objects.
Equipped with one 24V input for continuous light and another input for flash light, it is available with the LED colors white and optional red. Dedicated camera brackets and mounting kits allows an easy installation.

bar light, sbl-series

Bar lights can be used in various applications. It is easy to realize low angles of incidence for a dark field setup or various angles for a bright field application. Bar light can be used as well for simple line scan applications.
For steady light mode only 24 V DC is required. For flash applications an external controller like the CTR controller from MBJ is needed.
Bars are available with the the common LED colors white and red and on request with blue and infrared.

ring light, srl-series

Ring light are standard illumination lightings for various applications. Mounted in front of a camera lens, compact inspection units are possible. The build-in current source is ready for steady light operation with 24 V DC. For a safe flash mode the MBJ CTR controllers with the Rsense technology are recommend.

dark field, hdf-series

The object is illuminated by a circular light beam at the side. This horizontal ring light series is ideal to inspect objects in dark field such as materials with embossed or stamped surfaces.
Equipped with one 24V input for continuous light and another input for flash light. Availability of the LED colors white (standard), red, blue and IR, makes this lighting series very flexible. Dedicated camera brackets and mounting kits allows an easy installation.

cost efficient lighting, JustBright-series

The JustBright illumination series is designed to lowest costs. The aluminium board is ground and cooling plate in one. The housing is made by 3D printing which allows great freedoms for custom-made designs.
The new innovative LED controller allows flash and steady mode operation. For flash mode the light is automatically driven with up to 400% of the standard power. Using the 0-10 V interface the illumination is dimmable during steady light. The I/O are short current protected. To prevent overheating a thermo switch is build-in.

flat dome with flash control, TL-i - series

These flat domes are already equiped with a flash cotroller. The 12V power supply enables a direct connection of a machine vision camera. Thus the module is lightning in sync to the image aquisition. Beside the 24V power a trigger input can be used for direct control by an external sensor.
Designed as a flat dome and available with white, red as standard and blue or IR LEDs, the lighting is suitable for typical bright field applications. In combination with the optional cable, mounts and brackets compact camera sensors can be build-up in an easy way.

bar light with flash control, bl-i - series

The BL-i Series are bar lights with integrated flash controller. The illumination is designed for the use in the flash mode. The flash is made with almost no delay by an high- or low-active trigger signals. The flash brightness can be adjusted with a build-in dimmer.
The lightings are available with white, red and optional in green, blue and IR LEDs.

spot light with flash controller, sl-i - series

LEDs with a 4-die technology are in use. This makes it possible to generate powerful light spots in a compact housing. A new innovative LED controller allows flash and steady mode operation. For flash mode the light is automatically driven with 300% of the standard power for 20ms. Using the 0-10 V interface the illumination is dimmable during steady light.
The lighting is available with wide, medium or narrow spots and the LED color white, red, green, blue and infared. The IP65 protection class and the optional mounts makes the lighting ideal for use in a rough industrial enviroment. Typical application is an incident light for bright field use in a narrow space and a long distance to the object.

power supply and flash controller

The CTR-5x LED controller are the perfect accessory for the control of LED lights  in flash and continuous mode.
There are two models as cap rail mounting version available. The CTR-50 is using a switching regulator for a precise ajustment and control of the current. The CTR-51 is using a linear regulator and capacitors which allows shortest flash and rise times of the LED lights.
The advanced Rsense technology allows an automatic detection and save operation of all LED light modules.

Model Power data Power/CN add. Information
24V Power Supply 48W M8x1 external 24V/2A Power Supply for all listed modules steady light use
12V Power Supply 12W 3P Binder external 3V..12V/1A Power Supply with Binder plug for SRL-02-WT-04 light
CTR-50 Controller 2.0A steady 3.0A pulse (min. 70µs) 24V/2p plug LED controller for versatile applications with RS232-interface and integrated 12VDC power supply for cameras
CTR-51 Controller 15A pulse (min. 1µs) 24V/2p plug Fast LED controller for very fast and precise flash applications with RS232 interface


The cable are used to connect the LED lighting straight to 24V or the LED controller of the CTR series. Different length and connector types allow an easy electrical integration. Customised cables with connector for camera I/O are also available on demand.

Model Length Power/CN
Light cable, axial 2m M8x1 / open wire
Light cable, axial 5m M8x1 / open wire
Light cable, tilted 2m M8x1 / open wire
Light cable, tilted 5m M8x1 / open wire
Light cable, axial 10m M8x1 / open wire

mounting accessories

Without  any additional construction work these camera and wall mounts allow an easy and fast mechanical integration of the camera and the lighting module into the application.

Model Specification
Flexible Item mount Robust Item mount with ball joints for SL/SL-i spot light series
Adaptor M8 to 1/4-inch Adaptor M8 to 1/4-inch with knurled screws to attach SL/SL-i spot lights to photo equipment
Heat Sink for SL-i Series Recommended for SL-i series steady light use
Universal Mount 10 Universal Mount for SDL-10, HDF-10 and HDF-07 and several camera types
1/4" Adaptor Plate 1/4" adapter plate for the ace camera series
Camera Mount A Camera bracket for DTL and DTL-i lightings, made for several small cameras
Camera Mount S Camera bracket for DTL/TLi lightings, made for several larger cameras
Camera Mount SRL-07 SRL-07 bracket for smaller cameras
Wall Mount 10 Mount for DTL/TL-i for size 0510 and 1010/
Wall Mount 20 Mount for DTL/TL-i for size 1020 and 2020/
Wall Mount 30 Mount for DTL/TL for size 2030/