Cameras for uav APPLICATIONS

UAV applications have very specific needs for embedded cameras. Besides the weight of the embedded system which is a strong constraint for all drones but especially the smaller ones, the possibility of video recordings and very high resolution images storings is also a prerequisite. Then other constraints are added according to the specificity of the drone; For example, a camera equipped with a mechanical shutter or a global shutter sensor is needed for in-flight imaging at medium or fast speed to avoid blurring.


Here are 3 examples of camera combinations and models that are particularly suited for OEM applications of UAVs, from the lightest to the most efficient. Do not hesitate to contact us for other models or combinations via the form:

Camera  zoom x3 + HD-SDI output

• Total weight < 60g

• 1/2” 2Mp Super High sensitivity Sony CMOS

• 1080p, 720p @60fps
• HFoV : 40.7° to 88.4°     
• Still image 2Mp
• Video out HD-SDI, EX-SDI, TVI2.0, CVBS

• Power input : 12VDC
• Operating T° : -10 / +50°C

full HD compact camera, integrated zoom x3
full HD camera zoom x3

bloc Camera   zoom x30 + serveur IP DUAL + support SD

• Total weight < 400g

• 1 LVDS camera from Sony or Wonwoo or Tamron

• second input for analog or digital camera (such as thermal)

• 1080p30 x 2
• IP H264 + JPEG encoding
• Video latency < 100ms
• Power input : 8 to 36VDC
• Operating T° : -10 / +50°C

2 cameras
2 cameras
dual input IP video encoder
dual input IP video encoder
SD card recording option
SD card Option