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Hikvision is a serious competitor of the major machine vision players like cognex, basler, sick, baumer, keyence or avt.

If you are looking for a slightly specific control or inspection camera, please visit this dedicated page. For more traditional needs, HIKVISION, the world's leading manufacturer of surveillance cameras, has developed a full range of machine vision equipment.
With years of experience in image acquisition, image processing, pattern recognition and many other skills around vision, HikVision entered the robot industry in 2014 and has developed three Major fields of activity, including industrial vision, industrial drones and automated guided vehicles. After having made a respectable place in Asia, it opens its portfolio of products to the European market. Visielec, together with distribution partners, take care of the marketing :

Machine vision product catalog

HikVision Machine Vision Products Catalog
general catalog of machine vision products from HikVision : area and line scan GigE and USB3.0 cameras, lenses, compact PCs, ...
Hikvision Machine Vision Product Catalog
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The HikVision product line covers a wide range of industrial cameras, including industrial array cameras, linear cameras and Time of Flight (3D) cameras. HikVision has also designed a smart camera and a compact industrial PC that integrate image processing algorithms with independent intellectual property rights.
Targeted Machine Vision Applications:
  • Code Reading: Fast and accurate 1D and 2D code reading
  • Positioning / Guidance: Perform fast and accurate positioning, guide robot behavior, perform extraction, placement, automatic stacking and recognition for target parts. Laser welding, assembly of components, high-precision automatic assembly and many other functions.
  • Inspection: Highly accurate automatic detection of surface scratches, component detection, deviation of dimensions and other defects generated during production and assembly.
  • Measurement: Check the dimensions of the main components. Measure components to sort or classify them.
  • Presence / absence: Examine the simple characteristics and defects of the components and provide inspection results.
  • OCR / OCV: Read and validate letters, numbers and characters or drawings marked on the components or printed on the label.
For detailed product information, click on their image below :
machine vision camera
GigE or USB3.0 camera
C-mount lenses
Machine Vision lenses
linescan camera
GigE Linescan camera
telecentric lens
telecentric lens
Industrial PC for machine vision application
Vision Box : industrial PC
Vision sensor
Smart Camera


Laser camera
Line Laser 3D camera
Binocular 3D Camera
10gige large sensor camera
Large format sensor camera, 10GigE, CL


Machine Vision illumination
LED lighting