IP video decoders and recorders

H264 IP decoders and recorders for building and automotive monitoring applications. Below are some examples of products, the complete portfolio can be found on the website of Ionodes, here.

Enregistreur video IP durci pour 4 caméras IP 4K
NVR Cirrus CR16LS


Ruggedized IP video recorder for in-vehicle Embedded, 

up to 2To SSD, GPS, WiFi, 3G, 4G, start control, G-sensor, MIL-STD-810G shok and vibration, 4 PoE ports

Décodeur IP ION-R100
Décodeur IP ION-R100


IP video decoder with BNC and HDMI output, view 2x2, PoE, QCIF to 720p60 / 1080p30 or 4 x D1

Enregistreur video IP compact
NVR Cirrus CR40

Cirrus CR40

Compact IP video server and recorder, Intel® Core™ i3, Windows 7 Embedded, up to 16 IP cameras IP, view of  4 HD stream

Décodeur IP ION-R200
Décodeur IP ION-R200


IP video decoder with HDMI and Mini DisplayPort, up toà 32 IP cameras or encoders, 1 x LAN GbE + WIFI (802.11ac)